Angular 15 Routing Example Tutorial

Angular 15 Routing Example Tutorial

Today, we will discuss with you how to configure routing manually using a Router Module and outlet(Angular 15 Routing Example Tutorial). now we will create an application and add routing and navigation for our applications.

You can easily Add Routing to your angular application by using our example. we are creating a Simple Route application. so you can see our angular 15 router tutorial with example.

Create new angular app

We will create a new angular app using the following command.

when you create your application at that time Angular CLI ask you Would you like to add Angular routing? (y/N). If you enter with y for Yes. then the angular router will be automatically configured.

Create a component in angular

Now we need to create three component such as home, about, and contact. So let’s run the following command to create components.

Update view file in angular

In this example, we will create a simple navigation menu using bootstrap. we need to routerLink for redirect the different routes and also add router-outlet.




Adding Routing to your Angular 15


Run Our Angular Application

Now we will run our Angular application using the below command.

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