Drag and Drop Reorder Items with jQuery, PHP & MySQL

Drag and Drop Reorder Items with jQuery, PHP & MySQL

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to create drag and drop reorder items with jQuery, PHP & MySQL.
If you want to drag and drop reorder elements, you should use the jquery UI library because you can drag and drop elements(jquery UI drag and drop list) easily with the help of jquery UI.

Create MySQL Database Table

In this step, We will create the MySQL table for reordering items. so you can see the below example.

Connect to Database

Create a new connect.php file. The code below is to provide how to connect with the database.
The following code is used to connect MySQL from PHP. It requires hostname, database username, database password, and database name.

Include jQuery and jQuery UI Library

Display Items from the database

Implement Drag and Drop with jQuery UI


Update Order into MySQL Database Table

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