Node Js JWT Authentication Tutorial with Example

Node Js JWT Authentication Tutorial with Example

In this article, we will learn how to implement JWT authentication example with Express, Sequelize & MySQL in node js(Node Js JWT Authentication Tutorial with Example).

In this example, we use the Jsonwebtoken(JWT) npm package for authentication in Node.js. we will show you step by step to create Node.js Restful CRUD API with JWT authentication, Sequelize with MySQL.

So you can see our node js example.

Application Directory Structure

We have created the best directory structure for the rest API CRUD operations. so you can follow the directory structure below.

Create Node Js Application

First, we will open the command prompt and create the application in our directory. for this, you can follow the below command.

The run “npm init” command through we can create a new package.json file in our application directory

Install NPM Package

After the done setup node js application, we will install the express, sequelize, bcryptjs, body-parser jsonwebtoken, mysql2 and cors npm package. so you can see the following npm command.

Setup Express web server

In this step, We will create the server.js file in our application directory. after then setup the our application.

Setting up Sequelize MySQL connection

In this step, we will create .env file and setup database connection using the sequelize with mysql.


Create Sequelize model

Now, We create the sequelize model and which is define database schema to this sequelize model. so you can see user.model.js file as example.

Create controller

Here, we create some different methods such as findall, findById, update, delete, signup and signin. which is helpful for getting data, insert data and update data with mysql. here all data access by using token. means if you access any route then you must sign in and get the token and for every request you must pass the token. after then you can access it.

Create middleware for authentication

Now, we will create the JWT middleware in node js. which is every time check this route is authorized or not. so it is a very helpful file.

Create Route

Now, We will define all user’s routes. so you can see our route example.

Run Node js Application

we will run the node js application using the below command. so you can following the below command.

Now you can run the example using the below Url in the browser.

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