PHP Ajax View Data in MySQL By Using Bootstrap Modal

PHP Ajax View Data in MySQL By Using Bootstrap Modal

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to PHP ajax view data in MySQL by using bootstrap modal.

sometimes we need to show dynamic data from the database to Bootstrap Modal by using PHP with Ajax Jquery. Bootstrap Modal is a popup window or dialog box displayed at the top of the website. Bootstrap Modal is used to display dynamic data from the database in the popup dialog box, in Bootstrap Modal we can also create forms, so we can easily create a bootstrap modal using the bootstrap CDN.

PHP Ajax View Bootstrap Modal

Create Database in table

Connect to Database

In this step, we will create a  new config.php file. The code below is to provides how to connect with the database.
The following code is used to connect MySQL from PHP. It requires hostname, database username, database password, and database name.

View data using ajax in bootstrap modal

In this example, We will Create an index.php PHP file. after then we will paste the below code into our file.
We will get data from the mysql in bootstrap modal using ajax.



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