PHP Cookies Example create Access and Delete

PHP Cookies Example create Access and Delete

The PHP cookie is a small file that is stored in the client’s browser. It is used to temporarily store data. we will inform you how to use cookies in PHP and how to set cookies, get cookies, delete cookies with PHP. so you can see our example.

Set Cookie Example

if you want to set a cookie then you can easily set the cookie using the setcookie() function. for that, you need to pass three-parameter in this function such as name, value, and expiration time.

Retrieve Cookie Value

After sent the cookie, you can easily get the cookie using $_COOKIE[‘cookie_name’].

Updating Cookie Value

If you want to update the cookie then just update the cookie’s value and pass inside the function. for that, you can see the below example.

Delete a Cookie

If you want to delete the cookie then just add a negative expiration time.

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