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In this article, We will discuss how to create a custom helper file and use in Laravel 5.8. laravel provides lot's up functionality but sometimes we need to custom functionality for our project or task. we will take the latest example and learn how to use a custom helper function. so let's follow the below st...
 21 - Apr - 2019
Today we are going to learn more about how to create server-side validation using CodeIgniter framework. Whenever creating Codeigniter validation at that time load "form_validation" and "session" library and also load healers such as form, URL, and HTML. if the user fills all form data then click on button a...
 11 - Jun - 2018
CodeIgniter is MVC based PHP framework, CodeIgniter in possible to multiple database connections. if you want to connect multiple databases in CodeIgniter then open the database.php file. this configuration file available in the array format so you have to do it second database in an array configuration. ther...
 05 - Jun - 2018
In this tutorial, I will inform you how to perform crud operation in CodeIgniter. CRUD stands for create, read, update and delete. if you create a user-friendly website at that time need to crud operation. if you want to create CRUD operation in CodeIgniter, then the first configuration of the database and c...
 04 - Jun - 2018
In this tutorial, I will inform you How to create Pagination with Codeigniter and MySql. Pagination means document content dividing into multiple pages. whenever we have one long page at that time we dividing into multiple pages. if you want to create pagination using MySQL at that time use limit clause, it t...
 03 - Jun - 2018
A sitemap is described navigate of the website. users can easily search to navigate the site by sitemap. it is creating in the XML coding. we have given below example of how to create dynamic XML sitemap using Codeigniter. Add the below code in your controller file and Get the data from the database you want ...
 02 - Jun - 2018
In this tutorial, I will inform you how to get the last record from the MySQL table in CodeIgniter. we need sometimes the last record in MySQL using CodeIgniter. Codeigniter's provide Active record library, its library used to get the last record in MySQL and see below example. if you want to get last record...
 02 - Jun - 2018

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