How to create custom captcha using php with ajax

We will learn how to create custom captcha using PHP with ajax. normally captcha is used for security purpose and only human users can pass through. computers or bots are not solving a captcha. so we will learn about captcha that how to create captcha in PHP.

We will create a jpeg image and add that image on font-family, font-color, and font-size. in last we will pass the random character in the jpg image to create jpg image. so whenever we will refresh the page that time generates new captcha code. you can see below code.


Now, we will create a form using bootstrap and pass the “captcha.php” file in the image src attribute. so captcha image will be shown. we will use the ajax on click button and pass the captcha code. you can see below code.


We will call “match.php” file using ajax and we will check the captcha code is true or false by using session. finally, it will return the true or false message. you can see below code.


We have shared demo Url. So you can see below Url.

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