How To Install React Js On Ubuntu 16.04 And 18.04

How To Install React Js On Ubuntu 16.04 And 18.04

In this article, We will explain to you how to install react js on Ubuntu 16.04 And 18.04. ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript library and it is developed by Facebook. react js can be used to make a single-page application(SPA). ReactJS is also used to reuse UI components and run without reloading application so it is scalable, simple, and fast.

So, you can follow the below steps to Install React Js On Ubuntu.

Install Nodejs

First, we need to install node js in the system. if not installed node js in your system then you can follow the below URL.

Install Create-React-App Tool

Now, we need to install globally by using a create-react-app NPM tool.

Create a new react project by create react app component

Now, After the complete create-react-app installation, we can also create our application using the below command.

Here, You can name whatever you like for your application.

Run React js application

If you want to run the application then you can follow the below command. if you any change in your app then use the npm run build and after you can run the application.

install reactjs

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