How to use yajra datatable in laravel 5.8

How to use yajra datatable in laravel 5.8

Today, We will discuss about how to use yajra datatable in laravel 5.8. We can easily searching, pagination, and ordering the data using this detestable.

yajra datatable is an oracle package and it provides facility like as sorting, searching, pagination and ordering. it is given a quick response data because it’s used ajax and it’s layout very nice therefore user often use.

Now, We will create yajra datatable using below step in laravel 5.8.

Step 1: Install laravel

Install the laravel using the below command.

Step 2: Now, configure this database in the .env file.

After complete installation of laravel. we have to database configuration. now we will open the .env file and change the database name, username, password in the .env file. See below changes in a .env file.

Step 3: The Database Migration

Create The table using the below command.

Step 4: Create Dummy Record Data

Now we will add a dummy record in the ‘users’ table using the laravel tinker command.

Step 5: Install yajra Package

Now, We will install yajra package using below command.

Step 6: Add providers and aliases

We will add below providers and aliases in the “config/app.php” file.

Step 7: Create Controller

Now, We will create the controller using the below command and paste below code in this controller.

Step 8: Create Route

Add the below following route code in the “routes/web.php” file.

Step 9: Create a view file.

Finally, We will create list.blade.php file in the “resources/views/datatable/” folder directory and paste below code.

Now, We can run this example using below command.

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