PHP CRUD Create read update and delete operation with MySQL

PHP CRUD means Create, edit, update and delete. PHP is a server-side programing language, generally, it is stored data in the MySQL database.

Whenever you start php crud that time will have compulsory required database connectivity using php.

We will go through steps of a creating PHP CRUD post. We want to demonstrate how to connect PHP with MySQL, We hope you can learn something new from this tutorial. in our post through how to connect PHP to MySQL, create a new record, fetch a record, update record and delete the record.

               php crud

1. Create Database in table

2. Connect to Database

Create a  new connect.php file. The code below is to provide the how connect with database.
The following code is used to connect MySQL from PHP. It requires hostname, database username, database password and database name.

3. Creating New Record in MySQL Database

Create a php file add.php in this file in add below code.
The code below in INSERT query through create a new record to the database table. This HTML form contains input fields to enter user data to be inserted into the table.

4. PHP MySQL Read

Create a new php file index.php in this file in add below code.
The following code shows how to fetch all the records from the database in the index file.

5. Php MySQL Update Record

Create a new update.php file in this file in add below code.
First, we will fetch perticular data record in the update form. On submitting edited user information we form an update query to edit the record with the reference of its edit_id.

6. Delete Record from MySQL Database

Create a new delete.php file in this file in add below code.
The below code is used to delete a perticular record from the database.

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