When we had fetched the last inserted ID into PHP, we were used to last auto -increment id. but CodeIgniter has provided an insert query (active record style) used to get last insert id.

In this Tutorial, I will inform you how to get last inserted id from the table in CodeIgniter. Generally, the insert_id() CodeIgniter function returns the last inserting id from Mysql database. Sometimes, when you need to insert a record of one table to another table at that time use insert_id function. We hope you can learn something from this post.

public function add()
	$arrData["first_name"] = $_POST['txtFirstName'];
	$arrData["last_name"] = $_POST['txtLastName'];
	$arrData["phone"] =  $_POST['txtPhone'];
	$this->db->insert('users', $arrData);
	$insertId = $this->db->insert_id();