Star Rating System Using PHP and Jquery with ajax

Star Rating System Using PHP and Jquery with ajax

In this article, we are going to create add a star rating in php. here We have considered a t-shirt as a product. When a customer buys a product that time adds the rating and comment to a product. so we will discuss about a 5 star rating system in php mysql.

Step1: Create the database and table.

Now, first, we create a database and create an item_rating table.

Step2: create the index.php file.

Second, we will the configuration of the database. after then we will create a rating system using the bootstrap. when we will select star on the click on the star. we will use ajax call to pass data after selecting a star, title, and comment. we will get rating data using the count_rate_data function.

Step3: Create a saveData.php file.

In this step, we will store data into the database such as rate number, title, and comment.

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