Angular 10 Multiple Image Upload Example Tutorial

Angular 10 Multiple Image Upload Example Tutorial

In this article, We will inform you how to multiple image upload with preview image in angular 10(angular 10 multiple image upload example tutorial). we also cover the angular multiple image validation and upload the image of angular. So you can easily upload multiple images using our article.

We will create a simple form using bootstrap with formGroup. sometimes we need to preview the image before uploading the image. so we will use the onchange input event and pass the image src. after then we will upload the image on the submit button using the web API.

Create new angular app

We will create a new angular app using the following command.

when you create your application at that time Angular CLI asks you Would you like to add Angular routing? (y/N). If you enter with y for Yes. then the angular router will be automatically configured.

Install bootstrap 4 in angular

After the complete created application, you can install the bootstrap using the below command.

We need to add the bootstrap CSS into the angular.json file. so first we will add that path into the angular.json file.

App Component



Angular 10 App Module

finally, we will import the module in this file. so you can see the below example.

Run Angular Application

Now we will run our Angular application using the below command.

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