Codeigniter 4 Send Email Example Tutorial

Codeigniter 4 Send Email Example Tutorial

In this tutorial, We will explain to you how to send email in CodeIgniter 4(Codeigniter 4 Send Email Example Tutorial). In this article, we are using the in-built email library of CodeIgniter 4.

Why Email is required, we are using it for sends new registered customers, forgot password, contact us, and invoices. Let us follow the below steps for send emails.

Step 1: Download Codeigniter
Step 2: Email Configurations
Step 3: Create Controller
Step 4: Create Routes
Step 5: Create Views Files
Step 6: Run The Application

Download Codeigniter

If you want to download or install CodeIgniter 4 then you can below Url.
How To Install Codeigniter 4 Using Manual, Composer, Git

Email configuration in Codeigniter

After the complete installation of Codeigniter 4. we have to mail configuration. now we will open the “app/Config/Email.php” file for Email Credentials for Gmail. See below changes in an Email.php file.


Create Controller

In this step, first, we will create a “Contact.php” controller after that we will create an index() and sendmail() method in this controller. When you call to index method that time we will return the view files. when you call the sendMail() that time we will pass the form data and send the mail.


Create Routes

Add the following route code in the “app/config/Routes.php” file.

Create Views Files

Finally, we will create a contact.php in the app/views directory. In this file, we will create the contact form using the bootstrap. for that you can see our example.

Run The Application

Now we will run our example using the below Url in the browser.


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