Drag and Drop File Upload in Laravel 6 Using Dropzone js

Drag and Drop File Upload in Laravel 6 Using Dropzone js

Today, We will explain to you how to upload images using dropzone in laravel 6. so you can easily upload multiple images using dropzone. Dropzone.js library provides drag and drop facility so it’s a facility using we can easily upload images or files.

We can select, preview, and remove images using the Dropzone.js library. now you can below following the steps.



Step 1: Install Laravel 6

Step 2: Create Routes

Step 3: Create ImageController

Step 4: Create Blade File

Step 5: Run Our Laravel Application

Step 1 : Install Laravel 6

We are going to install laravel 6, so first open the command prompt or terminal and go to go to xampp htdocs folder directory using the command prompt. after then run the below command.

Step 2: Create Routes

Add the following route code in the “routes/web.php” file.

Step 3: Create ImageuploadController

Here in this step, we will create the ImageController.php file. after then we will create an index, upload_image, fetch_image, and delete_image methods in the ImageController.php file. the first method for view file and if image upload then it will use the second method.

so you can follow the below code.

Step 4: Create Blade File

Finally, We will create a dropzone.blade.php file in the “resources/views/” folder directory and paste the below code.

Step 5: Run Our Laravel Application
We can start the server and run this example using the below command.

Now we will run our example using the below Url in the browser.


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