How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 18.04

Today, We will discuss how to install MariaDB on Ubuntu 18.04. The MariaDB is a database server and it’s an open-source relational database management system, so you can download and use it as much as you want free of charge. There are two ways to install MariaDB. (1) Install from MariaDB mirror and (2) Install from repository

(1) Install from MariaDB mirror

First, find the MariaDB repository file from the official website. after then import the package key and added the repository package on your system.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS “bionic”

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS “xenial”

Install from repository

The MariaDB Installing from the Ubuntu default repository is a straightforward way. but you if you want to use below the following command then will be installed the old version of MariaDB.

During installation, we will ask you root user password and confirmation password.

Mysql Secure Installation

Above command run in the command prompt, it will ask you following configuration.

After complete installation, we will check a MariaDB connection using the below command.

If you want to know the server status or you want to start or stop server then you can do using the below command.

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