In this tutorial, You will learn how to install and download node for windows os. first, We will know about nodejs. Nodejs is open source framework it used the javascript server and it is run on different os like as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac, etc. we will follow the below step using, we will download the node and install it.

Download & Install Node.js and NPM on Windows os

Now, we go to nodejs official site and operating system configuration wise download current version msi file. we will install after download.

Verify Installation of nodejs and NPM on windows os.

We will check the nodejs and NPM is already installed or not, using below command.

// node version check using below command
node -v

// NPM version check using below command
npm -v

Update npm on windows os.

if you update globally then go to your project directory and run below command.

npm install -g

if you update npm on window then run below command.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser -Force
npm install -g npm-windows-upgrade